BANGKOK, 28 February 2011 (NNT)-Director-General of Department of Labor Protection and Welfare of the Ministry of Labor Mrs. Amporn Nitisiri encouraged Thai Airways flight attendants to speak openly with their employer over rules regarding their waistlines.

According to Mrs. Amporn, Thai Airways cabin crews have lodged a complaint against the airlines last week for enforcing waistline restrictions on them. Both male and female hostesses are obligated to maintain their waistline at no more than 35 and 32 inches respectively.

Mrs. Amporn notified Thai Airways of the issue and advised both the executives and employees to discuss with each other, saying it was the best solution to the problem as was the similar case in the past where a female caddy was expelled from her job because she was too old and too large.

Meanwhile, the new regulations on body image have discriminated around 40 employees but Mrs. Amporn said although it was not against the law, executives could have been more sensitive towards their employees whose frame do not meet the requirements. However, she added that the airlines’ recent imposition on the body size could also be seen as a move to encourage employees to stay healthy. 
source : National News Bureau of Thailand

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